Welcome to your adventure!

Welcome to your adventure!

SUP Spirit Soul – that stands for active holidays with intensive nature experiences at fascinating international destinations. Stand-up paddling, yoga and many other outdoor activities on land and on water – combined with wellness, inspiration and healthy, delicious food: The recipe for success for your next adventure!

The SUP Spirit Soul Camps promise unforgettable experiences and new experiences on many levels. Regardless of your personal skill or fitness level, each of you can experience and expand your own limits. This applies to stand-up paddling as well as yoga and everything else we do with you on foot, on the bike or in the water. Our team can accompany you very personally, since manageable, almost family-like group sizes make a very individual care possible.

The individual destinations will be explored off the beaten track so that you can experience their originality. All our camp regions are something special in themselves, but the magic comes from the intense experiences of people who escape their everyday lives and unconsciously broaden their horizons.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Thomas, Kai and the whole team

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Destinations & Dates

Activities & Inspiration

Stand-up paddling and yoga are our origins, but we love any kind of outdoor activity and share this passion with you. Depending on the destination and possibilities on site, we complement our program with everything that is fun and enriches your experience. An overview of the focus of the activities can be found on the respective destination page.

Beyond the physical activities, it is also very important to us to inspire you a little in other areas of life: Healthy nutrition, tips and tools to optimize mental and physical performance, sleep quality, regeneration and relaxation. We ourselves are passionate “Biohackers” and with great partners we are always on the lookout for new ideas and insights. Many regular guests confirm again and again that our routines, recipes and suggestions often also “travel home” with them.

Quality promise


Our team consists of trainers, scouts and chefs who love what they do. Everything our team members offer you is part of their own lives. They are experts in their field and are happy to share this experience. Our goal is to give you what we would expect ourselves. This relates to the didactic and manual quality as well as to aspects of security.


Through our own claim to high-quality, safe equipment and intensive cooperation with trustworthy, hand-picked partners, we can guarantee top equipment in everything we have in store for you. From the SUP board to the fishing rod, from the bike to the bed linen. We take care of your complete satisfaction. And with everything you bring with you, we give you professional and detailed recommendations on what is most suitable for which destination. For example, we will answer the question “What do I wear on a mountain tour in Norway?” In good time before you ask it – in advance of the trip.


Depending on the destination, we cook for / with you or work with regional partners on site. In any case, we attach particular importance to the quality and sustainability of our food. In consultation with our close friend, project supervisor, nutritional and sports doctor Dr. Philip Michel creates a concept for each target region that corresponds to modern nutritional science (and our own conviction!). The legendary “SUP Powermuesli” and the “Cold Hawaii Butter Coffee” are on almost every trip! In addition, you get high-quality healthy snacks, organic coffee and premium teas from our partners at many of our destinations. If the season and the surroundings allow it, we would be happy to supplement the menu with you by collecting and fishing! Chanterelles from the forests around Klitmøller, blueberries in Finland or cod from the fjord – what’s more delicious?

Nature & environment

Since being in nature is an elementary part of our life and also of SUP Spirit Soul, it is understandable for us to respect and protect the elements in which we move. Wir leben Nachhaltigkeit vor, sprechen mit euch darüber und sorgen pro-aktiv dafür, dass ALLE eure (An-Reisen) einen positiven Footprint auf unserem Planeten hinterlassen – wir zahlen euren CO2 -Ausgleich. If you would like to do something in addition to this, we have some useful recommendations for you: